2021 Golden Film Award Start Accepting Submissions In Coming March...

2021 The Golden Film Awards is organized to promote various activities surrounding independent filmmakers. This includes supporting people who are interested in promoting various films around the world and to bring unique messages to audiences around the globe. The goal is to build bridges through film and to encourage creativity among people throughout the movie industry.

The ceremony was organize by Golden Film Award Committee and supported by various entities in the independent film industry. Among the supporters of the 2020 edition of the awards include Hope Productions, IFSM Committee, Dragon Disciple Productions, HIFEX, DHPR, WCETV, Flixge and Jin Ye Studio.

We invite a new generation of filmmakers to “Twist the System” by rewarding unique and unorthodox approaches to filmmaking, USHIFF emphasizes emerging technologies such as mobile devices and digital media in film production and distribution.

The GFA will serve to showcase both established and undiscovered filmmakers by utilizing online video platform, and social media to share these films with a worldwide audience. The Festival Panel encourages and embraces “transmedia,” a style of filmmaking that encourages interaction with the audience, specifically through the internet, social media, and online venues. Audience participation is the driving force in media today. Google, WeChat, Facebook, Weibo and Islive  are all shaped by and shape the content we partake in, absorb and mold. That’s what this years’ festival is about.

Every year the US Hollywood International Golden Film Awards organization announced the winners of its awards in December. The winners will be selected from more than 380 submissions from 28 countries and regional zones. The films included productions from many places around the world, including from around every continent. The awards included celebrations of various aspects of filmmaking, including writing, directing, acting, and production. Original films and documentaries alike were included in the series.

GFA -Golden Film award is also a  excellent festivals to launch your films, and vie with the majors for industry and celebrity turnout.submit your film now…